About Doctor G Spa

Doctor G Spa is an elegant, intimate, medical, and healthcare spa located in New York.

We Bring Lasting & Dramatic Changes To
One’s Appearance By Non-Surgical Treatments


All of our services are designed to beautify your skin, nourish your soul and enhance your natural beauty. Likewise, we have the skills and techniques to gently improve and relax your appearance in a relaxed environment with minimal time spent away from your normal activities.

A visit to Doctor G Spa Medical Spa inspires the beginning of a healthier life journey, where beauty is a synonymous of your own name. From stress reduction, to the slowing and reversing of aging, the healing hands of our skilled therapists, nurses and physicians welcome you to experience the unique world of Doctor G Spa

Recognized For Excellence

Our Medical staff analyzes every major system in your body with one goal in mind: to support you in attaining radiant health, vitality and longevity.

Boost Self-Esteem and Confidence

Doctor G Spa believes that you are priceless. Your health and vitality depend upon a web-like association of many different "components" such as nutrition, stress, biochemistry, genes, fitness, cognitive function, and the absence of disease processes.

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